Not in the mood to work out? There’s no such thing when you train regularly. There are many apps today with workouts to suit every state of mind – from ‘couch potato’ to ‘crawling up the walls’.

A workout is also the ultimate mood-changer – a more constructive use of your time than sitting around grumbling or worrying.

“I’ve had clients show up in the past feeling emotional or drained, but working out releases endorphins – it allows your energy to go up, your mood to change,” says Ashley Joi. “You just have to get through it little by little, just start that first round. If you need to cry, if you need to scream, just let it out!”

So, what are you in the mood for? Let’s find your perfect fit.

1. Stressed out

Is work grinding your gears? Everyone getting under your feet at home? Feeling the pressure of bills piling up? Attack your stress head-on. We won’t ask what (or who) you’re visualizing as you hook, jab and cross, but we’re sure you’ll feel much better about it all by the time you reach the cool-down. Just pound out the problems and give frustration a flying kick. When it comes to an ‘active catharsis’, there’s no substitute.

2. Anxious and uncertain

Whether it’s anxiety or an inability to focus, yoga can bring your mind, body, and breath into alignment. More than simply sitting down and ‘om’-ing, vinyasa yoga will bring you back into an awareness of your body and thoughts. By focusing on perfect control of your poses, you can center yourself and prepare for whatever the day brings.

3. Bored out of your mind

Same four walls, same faces, same routine. When you’re feeling stuck and tired of the same old same old, it’s time to try something completely new, unique and ‘raw’. Functional Fitness workouts break Boredom is impossible when you’re crawling on all fours, crouching like a gorilla, and bouncing, pulling and twisting every which way. Your body won’t know what hit it.

4. Pent up

Feel ready to explode. You need something dynamic and high-intensity to engage every muscle group, right down to the core. Now is the time to jump, strike and smash some fitness goals with a boxing workout. Might as well expend your extra energy on something with serious cardio benefits. Don’t have a jump rope? Just swing those arms and jump like you do.

5. Deflated and low

Whether you’re psyching yourself up for a presentation or you’ve forgotten how to interact with the outside world, smashing a special challenge will make you feel unstoppable. Kick your confidence into high gear with a HIIT workout. If you can keep up, you’re doing pretty well. Go the extra mile and push through each set of reps to show yourself what you’re capable of.