One minute of a plank is equal to one year enjoying yourself; that’s how dreadful most people consider a plank. There is no doubt it is very painful but as you build stamina you will figure out that it is just a piece of cake. Most people think about planks, and they dread a one-minute plank, but we are aiming for more. Almost every workout routine that you will ever come across will include the plank, so we have decided to help you understand everything that you need to know about executing a plank, its benefit, why it is recommended, and how much time you should decide for a plank.

Let’s start from the basics; we know that you might have come across people dreading the idea of a plank, and when you try to do it, it takes just a few seconds before you start to breathe heavily, but then some people can do a plank for hours. According to the genesis book of world records, there is a record of 4 hours and 28 minutes of a plank, which just means it is pretty much possible to push yourself a little. If you doubt yourself that you are not good enough, trust me with the right time and right technique you can do whatever it takes to become the next in line. In 2014, the long plank record was with a 52 years old man, which means it’s never too late to try. With that being said, we are going to further talk about some realistic standards. We know that not everyone is trying to push themselves for a world record, so we have listed down details of how to make the process easy and how to set the time limit.

What Is A Plank?

We all know what a plank is but most fitness instructors say that people don’t know what an actual plank is. Most people either imitate someone or invent their style of a plank. As a result, their plank-style makes them feel sore in all the wrong places. Additionally, we are aiming to help you know the actual position and things that can make your plank more effective for your body. You need to lay down flat on the floor with your stomach down and then make a bridge by lifting yourself and taking the help of your elbows and toes. One thing that most people skip at this point is the use of toes, they either don’t lift themselves too much, or they don’t use toes. Additionally, lower planks where you try to rest yourself with the help of your knees are only a waste of time. While you are doing a plank make sure your body structure is good, this means that you need to ensure your core is tight and your bottom is tucked in. Most people do not realize this and as a result, they end up leaving their muscles and body loose. Another important thing is breathing, most people forget to breathe deeply, and as a result, they get tired easily.

Why do you need To Add Planks to Your Workout?

We know that plank is good, we have heard it everywhere, and even the fitness trainers recommend it. However, we are not sure why we should do it. So, we have listed down a few benefits that can convince you to start the planks journey from today.

  • Planks are a great exercise to help you build the abs muscle, and you will see them tightening up.
  • Planks help you keep the muscles strong and sturdy.
  • It helps you keep your back strong, and you will not get sudden pains in your back.
  • It helps you burn out calories, and you will see that people keep referring to plank as a source of melting away the fats, and it is true.
  • Planks are a great way to develop endurance, so if you feel like you are losing the stamina, you feel tired, and you need to switch up to planks ASAP.

Take Up a Plank Challenge

Since you know about plank and how to perform it, you can see so many different challenges for plank. Are you up for a plank challenge, we have seen that people who perform planks daily have better stamina and lose fats easily. There is a very famous 30-day plank challenge where you have to start with the basics and then build yourself up with time. This might take longer but you will see the progress. You can start with just a few seconds and then take yourself up to 5 minutes by the end of the month. Most people start with 20 seconds, but you can start with whatever time you got. If you are really good and your stamina is good, you will be able to take it up to 7 minutes as well. However, you need to ensure that you are staying safe and you are not pushing yourself too much.

In most cases, a plank is a pretty safe exercise and you don’t have to worry about it but you need to keep one thing in mind, your body is going to stay the same, so you need to listen to your body. If you feel pain or you feel uncomfortable, it’s alright to leave it. For your safety, you need to follow up with a few easy tips.

  • Make sure your legs are straight if you are not going overboard with your work.
  • Counting time or putting or timer is good but make sure you are listening to your own body rather than letting the alarm dictate you.
  • Tighten your core and tuck in your bottom; this will help you retain a good posture, and you will feel well-adjusted after a few minutes; at the start, this might seem too much, but you will get the hang of it.
  • Don’t try to curve your knees or take support because you will end up dividing your weight, and you will not form the standard bridge that helps with burning calories.

How Long Should You Hold The Plank?

Holding a plank is a challenge for almost everyone; we keep hearing various numbers. Some take pride in 3 minutes, others feel 5 minutes are good, so we asked a good fitness trainer. According to most trainers, there is no hard and fast rule or number when it comes to plank. If you feel like 3 minutes is pushing your limit, you can stop there because you don’t want to strain your muscles. However, if you are trying to build your stamina, try with a few seconds and then add two to three seconds every time you do a plank. We have seen people holding a plank for up to 30 minutes but for the others, that is too much. The best tips that you will get from an expert are to take your time, do not rush, and gradually add up the time. Adding two to three minutes will only push your muscle, and you will lose your body endurance as well. So, we recommend you to take your time and then try going to 5 minutes. However, if you feel comfortable, you can add more time.