Each month we’ll be hosting a conversation focussed on men’s health and wellness called “The Lyfestyle Circle”. For the immediate future, we will be hosting these events virtually to follow best practices to maintain the health and safety of members and guests due to Covid-19. Once restrictions are lifted, we will move to hosting a mix of virtual and in-person sessions.

The first of these events will be coming up in September when we talk to Dr. Brown from True Balance.

From the time Dr. Brown graduated from the university to now, he has been a part of a group practice at the Grey Nuns Hospital. In 2000, he opened Laser Elegance for You as the Medical Director, which is now known as True Balance. He became board-certified in Functional and Regenerative Medicine from The American Academy of Anti-Aging. This led to Dr. Brown’s primary interest in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In 2007, Dr. Brown started BHRT at True Balance.

The conversation will focus on something many men are already dealing with and some younger men will find themselves experiencing as they age. Loss of testosterone.

Dr. Brown will chat with us about how hormone levels change as we age and how we can prevent the symptoms that come with changes in these levels through BHRT.

The event will be hosted virtually with Zoom to allow for guest questions and answers provided by Dr. Brown. It will also allow for participants to be as open as they would like to talk about some of their personal experiences with changing hormone levels and receive some guidance from Dr. Brown.

The time and date for the event is TBD so keep watching for further information and announcements.

Pricing for the event is:

  • Members – Free
  • Non-Members – $15

As you can see, you save $15 by getting your membership. Becoming a Lyfestyle member gets you savings at this event and all other events we put on making it an affordable option. You also get access to some of our other events and activities for free including some exclusive online content and virtual sessions. We also have sponsoring partners that provide some great swag to our members throughout the year. If you’ve been to one of our events in the past, or saw some of the swag our guests received at the last Men’s Wellness Retreat, you know this is an awesome deal.

Dr. Brown will also have a special offer available for attendees of this event.