Name: Steven Csorba
Age: 52
Occupation: Brand Empowerment Coach

We’re buying, what are you drinking?

Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka.

Favourite way to stay active?

Mixing it up is a passion, always trying new things that challenge the body and the mind.

I love doing a combination of CrossFit and HIIT style training, Yoga or hitting the trail with my 14 year old Klein mountain bike. Outside at 6am in the morning with my November Project peeps is the ultimate. “You all good?! Fu$k Yeah!”

Dream job?

Swinging a paintbrush – making art full time.

How do you recharge?

Rivervalley walk or bike ride followed by coffee with a good friend. Short afternoon nap.

Favourite sports team?

Arsenal. Oilers.

What’s in your lunch today?

Bacon wrapped baked chicken topped with fresh Parmesan, asparagus, tomatoes and cottage cheese.

Local celebrity you’d love to meet.

Connor McDavid at November Project crushing burpees and sprinting hills. (That’s a throw down btw) I’m not competitive at all.

Favorite vacation destination.

Spain. Ireland. Budapest. La Jolla.

Bacon cheeseburger or kale salad?

Toss the bun and throw the burger on the kale for a late breakfast if it’s a “double day”

Intermittent fasting and carb back loading allow me to splurge on dirty carbs and high quality proteins from 6pm till bedtime. There, now the world knows my secret for doing 100 unbroken push-ups – eat donuts, pizza and gelato the night before.

Words you live by?

If what you did yesterday seems great – you haven’t done anything today.