Like most things in life, your sex drive doesn’t come with a satisfaction guarantee. One day you’re an absolute powerhouse in the sack and the next you’re wondering where your libido went. It happens to millions of males all around the world and for a multitude of reasons, not all of which are biological. In fact, a dip in your sex drive could very well be purely psychological or directly related to your current lifestyle habits.

Thankfully, the symptoms of a lagging libido can often be reversed with time, patience, effort, and the willingness to evaluate your life and behaviour on a more calculating level. Maybe you’re drinking or smoking too much, for example. Or maybe the sexual chemistry is simply no longer present in your relationship. There’s really no one-size-fits-all reason for a drop in testosterone levels or decreased libido.

Likewise, there’s no one set solution. That said, Vault Health can definitely help you hedge your bets. Their respective Sex Performance Kit and Libido Kit have both been precisely formulated to bolster energy levels, improve erections, intensify orgasms, and even reignite the spark between long-time partners. Hop in the proverbial fast lane by hitting up Vault to see if you qualify for one of these signature treatment plans today. We’ll provide more details on both plans below.

It’s also important to remember that conditions like decreased T levels, erectile dysfunction (ED), and other bedroom woes are a mere fact of getting older. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they can’t be halted or even reversed. Here are some helpful ways to avoid frustrations in the bedroom, both now and for years to come.

1. Watch Less Porn

Sex sells, as the saying goes, but these days you can usually find it for free. All it takes is an Internet connection, frankly. It’s then no wonder that so many men are addicted to porn, to the point that it hinders their relationships and preoccupies their waking thoughts. That’s not to mention the psychological effect it can have on expectations toward both your own sexual performance and your partner’s too.

Should you prefer the real thing to the virtual one, you may want to moderate your porn intake. Here are 5 of the most common signs that you’re watching too much porn:

  • You fantasize about porn while having sex
  • You feel shame afterward (or yucky, regretful, or empty)
  • You’re watching increasingly more extreme porn
  • Real human bodies don’t “do it” for you anymore
  • You can’t stop

2. Stress Less, Sleep More

Have you ever noticed that some of the most essential things in life also happen to feel great? Eating is one and sex is another. Along similar lines, who doesn’t love to get a good night’s sleep? Yet so many modern men sacrifice healthy sleeping patterns for any given number of reasons, leading to chronic stress.

That kicks off a chain reaction whereby chronic stress negatively impacts testosterone production which decreases libido and increases the risk for conditions like ED or even infertility. Stick to 7-8 hours of sleep per night and behold the wondrous results to virtually every aspect of your daily life.

3. Improve Your Lifestyle Habits

Pardon us while we take on the role of drill sergeant and give you the butt-kicking you may very well deserve. Stand to attention, soldier! Now exercise more, eat right, lose weight, and stop drinking and smoking so much! And are those drugs I see in your possession! Cut that out, too!

Okay, we’ll stop now. But the truth remains that your lifestyle choices will have an obvious impact on libido. Making the right health decisions (exercise, proper diet, etc) won’t just boost your sex drive, but improve things like mood and energy levels as well.

A number of these habits are within the realm of your control, presuming you proceed with determination, discipline, and dedication. Even the ones that seem outside your control—certain medications, for instance—can be addressed by going to the doctor and discussing alternatives.

4. Vault Health Treatment Plans

Modern wellness company Vault Health has made it their life’s goal to get your sex drive back on track. Not only do they offer high-quality treatment plans to tackle a lagging libido, but they put all the necessary resources at your disposal. That includes a virtual telehealth portal, which connects you with one of the company’s own medical experts. Should you qualify for a plan, it’s shipped straight to your door in a discreet and convenient manner. Support is ongoing and a professional is always within reach.

Currently, Vault Health has two signature treatment plans dedicated solely to sexual energy and performance. The latest goes by the name of Libido Kit and it leverages the power of three ingredients (bremelanotide, tadalafil, and oxytocin) to help boost libido, increase arousal and stamina, strengthen erections, and intensify orgasms.

Vault’s well-established Sex Performance Kit yields similar results. It consists of two innovative treatments, the first of which is a troche that dissolves under your tongue and contains a combination of two medicines: a PDE5 inhibitor to increase blood flow to the penis (ultimately what causes an erection), and a dopamine-booster to stimulate central arousal in the nervous system. Both medicines are coupled with a potent bonding hormone to generate warm feelings of intimacy. As early as the first treatment, you may experience improved libido, stronger erections, better orgasms, and tighter bonds with your romantic partner.


The world is slowly returning to normal and there are a lot of people out there craving a physical connection. That means now is the time to address any potential shortfalls. Quit watching so much porn. Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Improve upon your lifestyle habits. And check out Vault Health to see if you qualify for one of their bedroom-boosting treatment plans. May the force be with you!