Meditation sucks. Or maybe you suck at meditation. Either way, whatever that mindful mumbo jumbo is, you definitely don’t want to be caught anywhere near it. Or do you…? Argh, why does having a calm, clear, and focused brain have to be so hard?!

Before you completely write it off as some kind of pseudoscience, yoga-panted, lentil-munching, court-ordered waste of time, it may interest you to know that scientific studies have shown that meditation can improve quality of sleep, increase compassion (for yourself and others), reduce anxiety and help manage pain. Hard yes to all of the above, please and thank you.

We’ve heard from Centr members who have used them before stepping into exams, to get them off their butts to work out, or to drown out the latest screamfest between the kids. So if you want relief from the mental clutter, the stress, the anxiety, the inability to focus on anything for 30 seconds, and the utter chaos of day-to-day life, there’s only one thing for it:


We’re challenging you to commit to one week of daily meditation. Just one meditation a day, for 7 days. That’s it. If you do it only to prove us totally, embarrassingly wrong, we’re okay with that. Just do it. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. You don’t have to sit still for 3 hours and “ohm” a lot. You just have to START – and this challenge is your easy ticket in.

Every meditation is under 10 minutes. How often do you waste each day scrolling Insta or playing with your ear wax? Thought so. You’ve got time to meditate. You just need to find the style that works for you.

It’s too late to turn back now, so we’ll just accept the challenge for you. To get going, save this article to your favorites so you can quickly jump back in for each day’s meditation.

Your first meditation awaits… Let’s show that chaos what time it is!

Day 1: Relax & center your breath with Tahl (3 minutes)

You know how to breathe, right? Well sheesh, you’re already halfway there! We’re kicking off the challenge with the most simple and effective meditation method: breathing. Tahl will talk you through this quick and easy way to let all that chaos go.

Day 2: Everything is OK with Sergio (6 minutes)

Even the most anti-meditation creature walking the planet could not resist the soothing tones of Sergio’s voice. Just stop fighting it and sink into the breathiness for a dose of positivity and a reminder that, yeah, maybe everything will be okay.

Day 3: Renew yourself with Michael (6 minutes)

New day, new you. If you’re wobbling on this challenge, we’d like to remind you that Michael Olajide Jr. is a champion boxer. Back on board now? Tune in and let Michael help you tap into your capacity for change and growth. Go on, make a fresh start – you know you want to.

Day 4: Instant energy boost with Ally (7 minutes)

A morning coffee will only get you so far. Seventeen morning coffees will &^$* you up! (Same goes for mid-afternoon chocolate binges.) So try starting Day 4 with Ally’s energizing meditation instead. She’s got breathing techniques that will blast your eyes open and your head clear – so you’re ready for anything.

Day 5: Eat more mindfully with Sergio (8 minutes)

Ugh, what even is mindful, anyway? Try thinking of it like this: Not mindful = shoving down your lunch and not even remembering what you had 5 minutes later. Mindful = savoring every amazing, delicious, OMG, I’ll be having this again tomorrow morsel. Sergio is a chef, so trust us, he knows how to make every bite count.

Day 6: A quick pep talk with Michael (9 minutes)

Can you believe you’ve made it to day 6? You can’t let it peter out now – let Michael give you a rev up to finish strong. He might even convince you that YOU are in control of your own destiny…

Day 7: Now is all that matters with Ally (9 minutes)

You’re either hooked on meditation… or really glad this challenge is almost over. If it’s the latter, don’t spend your daylight hours agonizing over why you wasted a week of your life – let Ally bring your mind back to the here and now. Hey look, you’re suddenly focused and back in the present. Isn’t it amazing what a few minutes of meditation can do? Gotcha!

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