James Bond is at the peak of the pantheon of cool movie heroes—but for the latest run of the long-running spy series, he’s also been among the toughest, strongest protagonists in the film world. That’s due to the most recent Bond actor Daniel Craig’s rugged physicality as Agent 007, and he can thank his fitness coach Simon Waterson for helping to build up his body with his 007 workout for the ridiculous stunt sequences and fight scenes that the stem from the character’s exploits in international espionage.

The MH crew met up with Waterson at Pinewood Studios (which is home to the 007 Stage) in the UK to run through a 007 inspired workout. Waterson based the session on the principles he used to train Craig for his 15-year run of Bond films, from 2006’s Casino Royale to the recently released No Time to Die.

“One of the fundamental things I try to teach Daniel: that it’s all about explosive movement,” Waterson says. “Getting down, getting up off the floor as quickly and as efficiently as possible.”

This circuit-style workout is designed to help you do just that. You’ll cycle through movements quickly, moving through agility and cardio exercises in a circuit to a strength-building phase filled with weights and resistance for build up your chest and back. You’ll need some gear to perform every exercise, so this might be best to try in a fully stocked gym.

James Bond’s Trainer’s 007 Workout

Agility and Cardio Circuit

Perform for a total of 3 rounds. Rest for 30 seconds between each round.

  • Slider Mountain Climbers

30 seconds

  • Cone Shuffles

30 seconds

  • BOSU Reverse Lunge to High Knee

10 reps per leg

  • Dumbbell Clean and Press

8 reps

  • Box Jump
  • Battle Rope Waves

30 seconds

Strength Superset

Perform 3 rounds. Rest 30 seconds between each round.

  • Low Cable Fly

25 reps

  • Rear Delt Flys

25 reps