Substance abuse is a clear symptom of addiction. Any substance in excessive quantity is harmful. In addition, it happens that substances of an addictive nature are very harmful to health. Therefore, it is a condition that needs treatment and rehabilitation. Many people make the mistake of using certain substances to extremes. Such is the case of those who generate dependence on pills, anti-anxiety drugs, or various syrups. In worse cases of substance abuse, one needs to even get the services of a substance abuse counselor for proper treatment in order to reclaim their life.

Major Characteristics of Substance Abuse

  • Sometimes what happens is that substance abuse is often mistaken for a habit. Therefore, we want to show a list of those aspects that allow us to identify when it is really a problem and not a usual habit anymore:
  • Consumption of the substance is carried out in such quantities that they are harmful to the body.
  • Many resources are used in this consumption, for example, in buying substances that are later misused.
  • The addict uses substances anywhere, i.e., at home, at work, in public transport, alone, etc.
  • Whoever does this substance consumption knows that he or she is doing something wrong. For this reason, they usually do it secretly and try their best to keep it a secret.
  • Although the addict feels discomfort from the use of these substances, he or she does not stop using the substance. This is the case of those who suffer from an upset stomach from the use of pills, but they do not stop consuming it.

Finally, we must point out that substance abuse entails a withdrawal syndrome. Those people who already suffer from this addiction tend to suffer from anxiety and other disorders when they stop using the substance. This situation makes it difficult for the addict to rehabilitate.

Examples of Substance Abuse

Many people believe that this only refers to the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. However, it is not like that. In reality, it is a latent problem in products of such everyday use as the following:


There are many drugs that you can end up with, generating the addiction. They could range from simple pills for headaches to those designed to inhibit pain.

Carbonated Drinks with High Sugar Content

Carbonated Drinks with High Sugar Content and other drinks and sodas happen to be quite addictive. Therefore, it is necessary that you control their consumption. To top it all, many people use these drinks in combination with other substances.


Those who play sports can become dependent on anabolic steroids.


These are the drugs that are designed to suppress the nervous system for the reason that they manage to calm a low mood.


It is no surprise that something as common as coffee should not be consumed in excess. Consuming coffee in large amounts is known to disrupt the nervous system and cause insomnia.

Obviously, substances that can be overused abound. Remember that any substance abuse is harmful.