By the time you’ve had a family and a steady job for years, it’s only natural that you would settle into a routine. Sometimes a routine can be the only way you can keep up with the pace of life and stay sane!

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You probably have a 9 to 5, a schedule for groceries, a religious service on Sundays, and a collection of fatherly duties to accomplish.

Routines are familiar, comfortable even! But the reality is, not all routines are good.

Bad habits often creep into our well-intentioned routines and slowly change our lives from healthy to unhealthy.

In fact, a study by Mayo Clinic identified that less than 3 percent of Americans have a “healthy lifestyle.”

Less than 3 percent! The chances are overwhelming that you and I are in the 97 percent of unhealthy people.

But don’t fear. The four most impactful and most immediate lifestyle changes you can make are outlined below. Once you read their benefits, you won’t turn back.

Get at Least 7 Hours of Sleep Daily

lifestyle changes

You’ve been hearing this one all your life. And while lifestyle changes like this may sound familiar, you may not know all of the benefits that getting a full night of sleep actually brings you.

According to Healthline, getting 7 hours of sleep each night can reduce your risk for serious health conditions, control your appetite, bolster your immune system and spur your memory.

Not to mention, we’re all a whole lot happier on a full night of sleep.

Talk about a return on investment. This change fuels a number of positive health benefits in your life.

Learn how you can fix your sleep schedule and enjoy the well-rested benefits.

Drink at Least 3 Liters of Water Each Day

lifestyle changes

Humans are made up of more than 60% water. Water is essential for us to sustain energy, maintain cognitive function, and clear toxins from our body.

But among the many (many) important functions this liquid carries out, one rises to the top.

Water is responsible for enabling our livers to metabolize fat. Think: weight loss!

Drinking 3 liters a day really isn’t that challenging. For this lifestyle change, you really just need to give yourself convenient ways to drink more H2O.

The easiest way to ensure you drink 3 liters of water each day is to fill up an appropriately sized jug and drink it throughout the whole day.

For those of you who need more motivation– try flavoring your water with lemon or lime.

Plan, Prepare and Pack Your Meals in Advance

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Meal preparation is one of those lifestyle changes that takes a bit more time than others. But when you commit to it, your life (and health) will be significantly changed for the better.

Why’s that, you ask? Nutrition is the bedrock of health, and it starts with a healthy diet.

Meal prep takes the guesswork out of what you should eat, when you should eat it, and how much you should eat.

Do 30 Minutes of Physical Activity Every Day

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Now, if you haven’t been exercising regularly, lifestyle changes of consistent physical activity may seem challenging.

But here’s the thing: it’s only half an hour out of every day.

That leaves you 23 and a half hours to do whatever else you want!

The key to a 30 minute workout is using a short, intense workout routine. Each of these routines seeks to fortify your bones, increase your agility and give you more energy.

For those who already have a component of exercise in your life, why not try a new challenge? Commit to a full-on fitness program.

A comprehensive fitness program provides all of the nutritional information of a diet, all of the physical challenges of a workout routine, and all of the support of a professional team.

No matter what level you’re on, your lifestyle changes should include a robust physical component.

Let Your Lifestyle Changes Transform You

Of course, lifestyle changes do not happen overnight. It takes more than one “good week” to consider tweaks to your routine a lifestyle change.

But there are certain proven tactics that can help you achieve your goals.

By simply setting an achievable goal, with a set time limit and measurable benchmarks, you are one step closer to being successful at it.

Your journey to sustained health does not have to be a solitary one. We are here for your questions, successes, and failures.

Your friend in health and positive lifestyle changes,