Diabetes can cause edema or swell in the feet that may cause your ankles to get thick. The risk factors of having a wide ankle are because of obesity or poor blood circulation. Regular or tight-fitting socks are not recommended for people with thick ankles caused by diabetes.

Tight-fitting socks can get uncomfortable in your ankles. Not only are tight-fitting socks uncomfortable, but people with thick ankles can also have a hard time putting them on and find that tight socks are not for them.

What is the best sock for people with thick ankles?

Socks with loose tops are best recommended for people with thick ankles. The socks should not be tight because this may cause more damage to your nerves and restrict your blood circulation. Thick ankles do not feel comfortable in tight regular socks because it tends to constrict blood flow.

If you are considering what kind of socks will work best with a thick ankle, you should consider these factors:

  • Should not be too large – You may not find larger socks constricting, but it will certainly allow friction that could cause further damage like blisters. You should only be looking for socks with a “wide loose top” that fits perfectly your feet size to prevent further damage.
  • Anatomically Contoured socks – These are socks that are specifically shaped for your right and left feet. These will have a proper design that will fit perfectly your toe box, heel cup, and the in-between ribbing. With these socks even though you walk, the socks will not move around and just stay in place to prevent rubbing in your skin.
  • No shrinkage – A pair of socks that will not shrink after being washed is perfect so that the size won’t change and will still perfectly fit your size.
  • Antimicrobial – Your socks should prevent harmful bacterias from getting inside. It should protect your feet from germs and bacteria.

Why tight-fitting socks are not best for people with thick ankles

Tight fitting socks will create further damage in your feet, such as blisters, infections and ulcers. When your skin is being rubbed by the socks that you are wearing, it can damage your feet. Your socks should fit your feet perfectly and aren’t constricting. Regular tight socks don’t have a special fabric and structure that can support your feet to breathe and prevent bacteria from coming in. Tight fitting socks won’t also enhance blood flow but it will prevent proper blood circulation.

Tight fitting socks don’t have a seamless property, socks with seams can rub against your skin and cause blisters or ulcers, so the best socks for people with diabetes are created without seams. Developing further infections for not choosing the right socks for you can make your disease worse.

Loose top socks are essential for people who have thick ankles, wearing tight fitting socks will create further complications. Choose the right socks that will not constrict your feet, seamless, breathable and can help you prevent developing other health conditions.