If you’ve never climbed before but watched Everest, North face, or free solo, the Oscar winning documentary of 91st academy awards, there’s a good chance that you are terrified of climbing. Let me assure you that this fast growing sport that has recently entered the Olympic can be far more enjoyable and safe that most people think. Here are few reasons why you should try climbing and more specifically bouldering. Bouldering is a branch within climbing sport, which doesn’t use rope


With its rise in popularity bouldering gyms are easier to find than ever! And if you were already interested in bouldering and going outdoors is too long of a drive for Edmontonian who live in one of the flattest cities in the country with no mountains to be seen, then indoor bouldering is made for you.

Critical thinking

One of the most interesting part of bouldering, is the problem solving aspect of it. You are required to plan ahead for the holds you’re going to grab and the foothold that you’re stepping on, sometimes it requires you to try few times, change hands, plan again, and climb. So, what happens if you can’t do this by yourself? This will bring us to the next reason…

Improvement in social life

I can not count the number of times that I had trouble finishing a problem on the wall and somebody came to me, offered their help and just like that we started a conversation. And this is thanks to the setup of these gyms. When a wall changes and new setup takes in place, most of the boulders focus on those. They sit on the matts watching each other, giving feedback, and one by one they make progress until one of these boulders reach the top, following to this individual everyone else start reaching the top hold. This happens constantly and is truly one of the best part of your bouldering experience

Doesn’t require a partner

Unlike other types of climbing, such as top rope climbing, bouldering doesn’t require a partner. It was also mentioned that you most likely end up interacting with someone while you’re bouldering anyways and even build friendship there.

Less gear

Another great thing about bouldering, is that you only required to have three things in total:

  • A climbing shoe (which you can rent in the gym)
  • Chalk bag
  • Chalk

Because of that this sport, is also more cost effective than many other sports.

A good exercise!

Bouldering is a great workout. If done properly, you’ll be using almost all of the muscles in your body from your back and arm muscles to your core and legs. While bouldering you’ll improve your strength as well as endurance since some problems on the wall can be long. You will also find yourself having better mobility and flexibility, because going for that next hold, either by using your legs or arms can require a lot of stretch. And lastly but not least, is working on your balance; keeping yourself on the wall is not always an easy task and unfortunately not always can you power your way through to the top, because I can promise you that you’ll fall. You need to learn the techniques of climbing and bouldering, and all those techniques comes by having a great balance.

Climbing is for everyone! Almost everyone

If you’re a healthy individual, then why not climb tomorrow? And even if you’re not, that’s okay you can simply check with your doctor and see if bouldering is a right fit for you. If you’re nervous about being a beginner let me tell you that you’ll be surprised of the amount of beginners in the gym. Due to somewhat newness of this sport many people start beginner level at older age and if you’re being consistent with the amount of time visiting the gym, moving from beginner routes to intermediate comes faster than you expect.


Climbing is a fast growing sport, and now after debuting its way to the Olympics for the first time, it will gain even more popularity among individuals. It helps you to gain strength and endurance cost effectively, as well as improve your mental health and improve your social life. Try bouldering in your local bouldering gym.

Written by : Maral haghighi – Instagram: vivafit_bymaral