Workout in pairs is a type of fitness in which one mentor draws up a program and conducts a lesson for two people. These can be friends, spouses, or a parent with a child. Who should choose pair workouts and what are their features – read in our article.

Who should choose pair workouts?

Individual training is ideal for people who have decided to exercise, but have not previously faced any kind of workouts. In other words, for beginners who even skipped physical education at school. And pair workouts are more suitable for people who have long dreamed of going to the gym, but are somehow shy.

What are the advantages of pair training?

The big advantage of paired training is that there is an additional incentive to exercise, a kind of a commitment to a partner. It’s getting harder to cancel a workout or take a break. There is even a little competition “my partner did 10, and I can do 15”.

An additional pro of pair training is the ability to make adjustments to the technique and increase the effectiveness of group exercises. This result is achieved by the fact that the couch can carry out individual work with the client, whom, perhaps, he/she sees every day during his lessons.

Paired workouts are often much more effective than singles. Many people find it much more interesting and easier to work in pairs, because the feeling of rivalry and stimulus from the outside gives a great charge and opens up all the internal reserves.

Who is suitable for pair workouts?

For those who have lost interest in the usual type of training (whether it can be group lessons or single sessions in the gym), they do not see changes in the body and want to improve their fitness indicators.

Paired workouts are suitable for people with similar goals and people who lack the incentive and courage to practice alone. In addition, pair workouts are very good for the soul, for pleasure, for communication and energy exchange.

Additional reason for communication

Joint training is a great common interest, which, like a common hobby for games, livecasino, cooking or handicrafts, brings people together. If you are looking for an opportunity to get to know a person even better, pay attention to such an opportunity as pair fitness.

How to choose a partner?

A woman and a man should work out together if they have the same level of workout and training tasks. In such a pair, very effective, intense and interesting workouts are obtained. It’s great to be with a friend or a life partner. Mutual encouragement, verbal (and sometimes real) kicks, a sense of rivalry… All this contributes to the early achievement of the desired results.

And the training of parents with children is painted with a special shade. It is not so much the physical component that is important here, but the psychological and emotional. The parent sets an excellent example for the younger generation. And spending time together, combined with physical activity, brings together and strengthens relationships.

Joint sports in a gym will help you find a common language with your child, even in a difficult teenage period. Sport provides an opportunity to participate in the upbringing of your kid. With joint training, parents teach their children to be hardworking, decisive. And the example of athletic and strong parents will strengthen authority and set an example to follow.

Another positive moment in joint sports is the development of team spirit and will to win. Often, children even refuse from their favorite sections if they do not have success. But if you go to the club with the whole family, then everyone performs on equal terms, and is a member of the team. Everyone has the opportunity to take part, try their hand, enjoy the movement, the game, feel the strong shoulder of a parent even in the most difficult moments. Such sports activities will certainly strengthen the spirit, will contribute to the training of will, and this gives the child an advantage in the future!

It is important to note that there is no place for constraint in pair workouts. Even if the feeling of awkwardness appears in the first lesson, it disappears after a couple of exercises performed together.

Opinion of a psychotherapist

Training in a group is always more productive due to the fact that the induction mechanism works. In simpler terms, when there is a certain leader, and, as a rule, the one who does much faster, better, higher, stronger, becomes informal leaders, respectively, involuntarily, subconsciously, everyone else begins to reach for him.

This is a natural reaction, because no one wants to seem worse, to get out of the same pack. All members of the group induce each other by following their leaders, who are catalysts for the group’s work.

People with an overestimated self-esteem, or “epileptoid type”, that is, become informal leaders. people who know how to work hard, have perseverance and patience on the way to the goal.

As for working in pairs, it’s like in love: to the one who is loved, that is, the leader is always pleased to be followed. And the one who follows always wins, because, by following the leader, he/she achieves certain goals that he initially sets for himself.